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Relaxation/Swedish Body Massage


Older Lady MassageRelax muscles, soothes aches and pains.

Helps relieve any tension or stress, improves circulation and skin condition.


Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder (30 mins)  £20
    Can be done seated if preferred

Hand & Arm or Foot & Leg massage (30 mins) £20

Back (45 mins)   £25

Full body Massage (60 mins)  £30



Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage


Involves a warming, relaxing massage of the face, upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp.


It can help eliminate muscular tension, restore joint mobility, relieve tension headaches and sinus congestion. A perfect antidote for stress.


Can easily be done fully clothed.


(30 mins) £20



Hand and Arm/Foot and Leg massage

Hand massage


This relaxing treatment will soothe tired limbs and relieve muscle tension.


An ideal treatment for those with aching or tight mucles


(30 mins) £20 

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