Day 9 (14th Aug 17 - Bigton - Lerwick and ferry to Kirkwall)


Got up late after restless night with tummy ache. Had Scottish porridge while John had cooked breakfast. Spent time taking photos of lovely Shetland pony and baby.aah... 


Said goodbyes to everyone. Strange as small world. Couple from New Zealand said they employed someone called Karen who used to live in Spalding. The name was Simmonite.

It appears that I used to work with her relation in the 80's. What a small world.


John overheard the American couple were having problems with their hair dryer which had blown a fuse in the adaptor and Jeff explained that Susan really needed it "to make herself beautiful the morning".

John commented to himself "was it a thermal lance as she would need more than a hair dryer!! He's so cruel!


Packed up with sadness for our last Shetland day and headed back to Lerwick for our ferry to Orkneys. Half way back, in OK weather we called into farm shop and had cuppa and cake.

Arrived in Lerwick about 2pm and posed in the webcam again for the family, in the rain.


Had a snack in a chippy (again no cod) and got pushed out of seat by a Japanese woman. Cycled to ferry terminal as it started raining and turning cold.


The ferry ride was very rough ride back to Kirkwall. 

Phoned all of the accommodation in Kirkwall and all booked up due to an agricultural fete Including the infamous 3 sheep from the last show.


Sick, sick and more sick on the ferry and spent most of the 5 hours in the toilet!!

Got off the ferry feeling very rough and cycled very quickly to the hostel as it was pouring, dark and windy


Got a bed at the 4 star Orcades Hostel (Link) in Kirkwall. Thank goodness, we have a bed!! 

Fell straight to sleep without even a kiss good night.