Day 8 (13th Aug 17 - Loop ride Bigton - Sumburgh and return)


Late breakfast 9am!! Mary made me Scottish cloggy porridge!! Had visit from ginger Tom Clarence. Following a leisurely preparation (not too many miles scheduled), set off for Spiggy hotel and beach before joining the main road South to Sumburgh. It was quite scenic with some nice beaches along the way but I was told there were more at the headland.

Cycled across Sumburgh airport runway (spooky) and called in to see Betty Mouats bod (Link) which was on our list of places to potentially stay. Fortunately, it was booked up by a lady who called John a peeping Tom. Well he was looking into bedroom windows !!!So pleased we had to forgo a bed here - So pleased.


Looked round next to the bod at Scatness medieval site (Link) which wasn’t officially open. Nice historic old site and well excavated and preserved. Called at Sumburgh hotel for a cuppa and cake before heading to the lighthouse. Nearby we did have a spy of the Jarlshof historical site, yet another load of stones. (Link)


Up at the Sumburgh Head (Link) lighthouse, witness a rabbit running near vertically down a cliff!!

Mel would have been proud of the bunny skills!!

Climbed up the final lighthouse hill and had a walk round, talked to few Americans and found the observatory coffee shop which had wonderful views.

Had photo taken in my tutu in various places. Today was tutu day!

Saw only one puffin as they have all flown.


After the relaxing Sumburgh we headed home aiming to call in to see St Ninian's isle beach. But not before we called in at a beach to paddle near Sumburgh and John got sand in his toes and a soggy bottom, much to his dismay! Sand in his sandals, never going to hear the last of it. 


Called into local flower show where the queue was too long as it’s the only thing that happens. Although everywhere we seemed to go it was a farm festival, or a fete or something was happening.

On cycling back where we waited for a horse, car and man walking, life here is a little more casual and not so hurried - lovely. Called at Spiggie hotel for cuppa but a notice said it was was closed (later we found it was actually open!) .


Carried on cycling back and stopped to look at seals on the beach and counted 17.

Ladies from Uyesound hostel and the Eshness toilets stopped when they recognised us seal spotting - that's three times we have crossed paths. 



Then on to the best beach of all St Ninians Isle. The tombolo double beach is wonderful. Walked along the beach for an hour and had photo taken in my tutu in the water, next to some "Pink Fairy" sand script I wrote, handstanding and flying through the air. ( well nearly!)



Finally back to the B and B for dinner and Mary cooked lovely chicken and beautiful sweet to follow! 


With the Americans and everyone busy chatting I went for a walk by myself down to the beach for a time to reflect on the challenges of the trip. Have to say I have loved every minute of the trip, even bizarrely enough braving the weather conditions.