Day 7 (12th Aug 17 - Walls - Bigton via Scalloway)


Had rough night as Gall Stones playing up and John put the wind up me with his serial killer stories!So, I stayed awake all night – just in case!!Grrrr.....

Got up and had dry toast.


Set off back to along some of the islands most level (but not flat!!) roads to Bixter and the wind was very kind to us. 

Still feeling pretty empty and lacking energy, we called into shop at Bixter for a cuppa.

From Bixter it was the Whiteness area and we climbed uphill to enjoy a magnificent view and scenery of one of the Whiteness voes. Dropping down a really long descent along the voe side I still had to peddle downhill - unbelievable.


Down and by the voe side we got back wind and stopped at a jewellery shop for another cuppa. From there on it was flat along the voe sides but up and down Whiteness ridges before dropping down a long descent to Johns favourite Tingwell graveyard which we visited. Yawn ........


Now on a relatively flat section along a voe towards Scalloway with back winds it absolutely peed down and we arrived in Scalloway soaked. Called for lunch. Had soup as had to be careful of gallstones. Climbed up massive steep hill out of Scalloway towards Lerwick turning right to head South for Sumburgh.


As we joined the road our fortunes changed very favourably and we got strong back winds and were casually riding up the hill at 13-15 mph some of which was on inclines. The road was wide but a little more busy than we were accustomed being the Airport-Lerwick road


Looking for a potential bed, John made phone call to Hayhoull b&b (Link) at Bigton (St Ninians Isle) and announced we were in luck as there was a bed but only for one night. Stocked up at local shop in Bigton just in case there was no food but we were in luck and a kind lady called Mary showed us into this lovely room and cooked us salmon for our evening meal. We met 2 couples one from Suffolk, one from USA. 

Watched Shetland pony and foal out of window with coast in view. Lovely.


Tomorrow I get to see the famous St Ninian's Isle tombolo beach (Link)