Day 6 (11th Aug 17 - Brae - Walls {Waas} via the Alps)


Woke up to rubbish weather.


Had porridge for breakfast but would have had more if I had known what was to come.

Man at reception told us about the Alps and the fridge on our route to come.

Very windy and rainy. Headed south to Voe while the road itself was quite an easy road the weather was not playing ball. 


Stopped at Voe for cuppa and already wet and windswept hid in bus shelter to drink cuppa and eat bananas. After quick nip to loo then down into lower Voe. With the rain stopped we looked around the Sail Loft bod and harbour. 

Stealing ourselves finally set off to climb the Alps and our old friends rain and headwinds came too with vengeance. Real vengeance like the gates of hell had been opened.


The climb, wind and rain were brutal but we eventually reached the first summit only to explore summit after summit after summit with ever worsening wind and rain and not a house in sight. So that's why they are called the Alps.


Just to paint a picture which most will not appreciate we were peddling downhill at an average speed of 6mph, climbing hills doing 3mph, all in freezing rain (later we were told it was 9c today but the wind chill made it a lot colder).The only distractions were just before Aith where we took a photo call at Twatt and found the fridge(Link) full of tiffin(the last piece) and cup cakes etc. Must say the tiffin was substantive, 2-3 inches thick, half chocolate and the six pieces in the box weighed like a brick.


In abysmal conditions, frozen cold (even John) we descended to Aith co-op where we got tea and food and ate it inside like two shivering drowned rats. 


From Aith to Bixter is only 3 miles but the weather continued to get worse, struggling to get down 1 in 10 hills, finally we joined the Bixter road and finally drank another cup of tea at a shop, trying to get warmth from anything, hoping the weather would go away. It did not !!!


John rang the lovely b and b that he's been to previously only to find out it no longer existed. With 15 or so miles to Sandness the only option left was to hole up in a bod!!!  


With 8 miles left to Walls we set off with a vengeance fighting with omnidirectional winds.

By now the rain was creeping up my six layers past my waist. 

Unbelievably before getting into Walls the sun did show its face, as if to say "Well Done" although we didn't recognise it as if only lasted for a short moment. 

Thankfully we got to Walls around 4:00 before the local shop closed for provisions. 


We were both cold to the bone and were both beaten having spent a very harsh 4 hours riding just about 25 miles. We average 6.6mph today which tells its own story. 


Riding to the hostel we were greeted there by a chappie from the Netherlands who showed us around and I gravitated immediately to the storage heaters and heat. They were on !!!!!! 

Popped back to the shop for provisions and when we returned there was also a young girl there who had come in her car to use the Voe House bod. (Link)


We cooked lovely pasta bake while she cooked something exotic!!  (Interpretation of exotic is - more than 3 ingredients and not from packets)

Ended up going to bed at 8.30 as John told me it was 10.30. Due to Irish clock downstairs!! 

Had too much Tiffin and had a gall bladder attack, so felt rubbish all night.


Oh and I asked John to distract me with a story which being his considerate self he did. And so it was I hear about one of Americas worst prolific female murderers who chopped up bodies and put them in suitcases. Apart from gallstone attack I spent the evening thinking of the girl around the corner and her large suitcase.