Day 5 (10th Aug 17 - Loop ride from Brae to Eshness & return)


Had porridge for breakfast whilst John had full Scottish breakfast.

Before setting off we found tyre had gone down again overnight so changed tube in the shelter of the Hotel's garage. This was welcome as outside it was windy and wet with more predicted.


Eventually set off for Eshness headland for a loop ride. Weather was windy over 23 mph and almost constant drizzly. OMG wasn't quite prepared for this cold although I had 6 layers and a scarf on. I laughed as John came out with the best quote so far“we never got this much back wind when we were coming”


Our only stop was a bus shelter 10 miles in for food (tangy sweets - yuk) and water and a pee. 18 miles of wilderness with next to no life or houses later we stopped at Braewick cafe and looked at the campsites wigwams. Enjoyed getting out of the weather for a sandwich and cake before peddling off in headwind.


Headed off for lighthouse farthest end of world. Although 20+ other people there and loads of cars!! The wind is so cold and discovered John likes to stand on the edge of cliffs! Myself, I reaffirmed my fear of all things high as John encouraged me to get closer to the edge for a photo - I swear he has a plan for me.


Called at the Old Tangwick Ha museum (house) (Link) for a warm up and called again at the cafe where we met the kind ladies from the hostel who gave me £40 for wheelchair. Passed lots of cemetery’s but didn't call! (see above about John's obsessions)  


Called in at bus stop on way back and crawled home. Did 37 miles in 4:30 hours. 

Average 8 miles an hour - hard work - my first really rough day. 

Have to say todays weather conditions really tested me. Very challenging but loved it in a perverse kind of way. You know you are alive when you undertake such challenges. 


Some parts of the journey were hilarious with Johns omnidirectional wind! 


Went again for fish and chips and then to bar for a drink to see if we could get any sponsorship!! Just had 3 brandy’s instead to thaw out xx