Day 4 (9th Aug 17 - Uyeasound - Brae on mainland via Yell)


Got up early for tea and toast. Washing had dried in drying room so that was a bonus. Headed off for ferry terminal which thankfully is a big downhill after a short climb up to the main road. Getting off the 9:30 ferry we called at the cafe /shop for sweets and up from the ferry terminal.


Next stop was apub/shop at Mid Yell for a cuppa and cake then took what we thought was the main road. Strangely there were no cars so it became apparent that we were actually on the wrong and longer road we came up on. Another 4 miles - thanks John -  so love you x.


To add insult to Injury I noticed Johns tyre was a bit flat and then it started to drizzle!!

He has not had a puncture for about 10 years and yet this is his second riding with the jinx.

Tyre quickly and efficiently repaired by the team and we were off.


Didn't seem to be able to get going today. Lack of energy. Possibly due to the cold although I had four layers on.

Caught Yell-Mainland ferry again after having another cuppa at Ulsta's shop. Then on to Brae via SullomVoe oil terminal where we had to cycle downhill due to the wind and drizzle!


John noticed his tyre was going flat again and had to blow it up for last mile or so into Brae and Frankies (Link) the most northerly chip shop in UK. Had haddock and John had scampi. (We were to discover later that the Orkneys and Shetlands don't do cod?)


We stopped in bus stop opposite to check tyre as it was pouring with rain. Decided at this point we would find a room in Brae - yipee - no Johnnie Notions bod (Link). The island weather is amazing it was pouring and dark overcast when we went into the bus and bright and sunny 20 minutes later when we exited.


After investigating a few b and bs and a wigwam site we decided to play safe and book into the Brae hotel - Yay! - luxury.(Link)


After settling in and dropping panniers we tried the bike out to MuckleRoe and it seemed ok. Change of plan for tomorrow. Had a long soaking relaxing bath while John checked tyre and had another cuppa. I just love my Johnnie Notions bod!!