Day 11 (16th Aug 17 - Stromness - JOG via South Coast road)


John woke me with birthday greetings and a lovely card. 52 TODAY !!!


Went down for early breakfast as had to set off early to ensure catching the JOG ferrywhich leaves at 5pm. (There is not another one for three days)


Followed the South coast past Ophier getting some good views of the Isle of Hoy.

Lovely and sunny so no sleeves!! Last chance for a tan

Not too windy either. Called in at theEarls Bu (circular church from 1200, s). (Link)


Passed lots of diverse range of cows. Strange here, a field will have say 4-8 varieties of cows in a single field of all manner of colour. 


Headed back NE to Kirkwall which is a pinch point before doubling back South towards the JOG terminal in very strong winds past Highland Park distillery, hoping we would get a cuppa near the totem pole (no tea so toilets and sweets + John worked out that the Heritage Museum was only 3-4 miles).


Went to Heritage Museum and the tea room was full of Americans, Johns real favourite.

On departure John forgot his camera (or so he thought and blamed the Americans!! But it was in his pocket all along!!)



Johns saying appeared “these hills weren't as steep when we came this way” 


Once more over the final obstacle of Olad summit looking for a nice downhill to finish but there was one final cruel twist and with strong headwinds I had to peddle all the way down. I cannot tell you how disheartening it is to have to cycle up and then down hills due to the winds.


Came into Burwick ferry terminal, bit sad that I had finished but happy that I had risen to the challenge and actually enjoyed it!! 


Anti-seasick wrist bands on for ferry crossing as very windy. 

Boat was very rocky but didn’t have any sea sickness – thank goodness.



What a fantastic end to my Birthday!!
422.94 Miles in 48:35:26 hours