Day 10 (15th Aug 17 - Kirkwall - Stromness via NE coast road)


Free breakfast of cereal and really nice hostel (John said that). 


Set off back to Lerwick ferry terminal on our way out west around Orkney, relatively flat and found waterside cafe after 10 miles and enjoyed toast and scone. Beginning to come round. 


We travelled north towards Evie where we stopped and had a cuppa in shop before heading up to Brough of Birsay(Link), and went on the lovely beach. Saw the causeway which was underwater but still fully visible in the clear waters.


Back in the village, took some photos at the Earls Palace(Link) then found the Birsay Tearoom (Link) which was down a dead end road, but full of tourists mainly Americans.


Unbelievable 3:00pm at the farthest end of a fart and the place was heaving - had to wait to get seated!!!! Don't they know us cyclists need our carbs. 


Had lunch, nice salmon sandwich. Back heading south to Stromness and the sun shone but the wind was blowing all day. Arrived 5pm at Stromness to look for accommodation. Main street was so quaint where cars, bikes people strolled through at leisure on great big old stone slabs. We biked by two hostels looking for other accommodation.


Whilst John scouted further ahead up the peninsula, called Mel and we then decided to cycle down by harbour where we found a pub. John enquired at the Ferry Inn(Link)and saved us the last room. As we settle in two men and a staff member came into the room with a key - we had beaten these chaps by minutes for the room and some confusion was apparent. Good job we were just resting on the bed!!!!


Lovely room, shower etc. Went down for evening meal and a drink.